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We're not the cheapest but surely one of the Best.

5 points you should always evaluate before signing up with a Company Secretary.

Do not risk your company and business reputation by just choosing the one with the lowest price.

We would like to list out some points so you can pick out the fly-by-night ones from the genuine ones.

How qualified is your Company Secretary?

Your Company Secretary should be a MAICSA member or Chartered Accountant with relevant number of years of experience. If not, you'd probably be dealing with a middleman who is just taking your important documents and passing it around. Technical Manager, Mrs. Lee, is a qualified MAICSA member and has served as Company Secretary on public listed companies for over 20 years. Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Andy Kok, is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary, has done his tour of duty in PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the largest professional services firm in the world.

Where is your Company Secretary's office located?

Your Company Secretary's office location will also very likely be your company's registered office. This address is published for public access, as such, a good business location is preferred and you should definitely avoid those operating from residental homes. office is located in a Grade A office address in Solaris Mont' Kiara (SOHO KL). This address is carefully chosen to ensure your bankers, auditors, suppliers, customers and other business partners can safely tell that your office is registered in a location that is conducive for business.

Make sure you choose the right address listed in our Official documents such as the M&A, Forms 24 and 49.

What is the legal status of your Company Secretary's office?

Your Company Secretary's office should ideally be owned by the Company Secretary business or its owner or on a long term lease of not less than 10 years. This is because you want to avoid the situation when the public tries to locate you but when they go to the office, your Company Secretary has shifted as the normal lease of 2 years has expired. Some Company Secretary firms move every two years causing unnecessary cost and inconvenience. office is wholly owned by its owner and Chief Executive Officer. There is simply no reason for us to move as we are here to serve our client's long term interest. We are in business for the long haul and be your partner of growth.

What is the condition of your Company Secretary's office?

Your Company Secretary's office should not look like a war-zone (full of files) or rubbish dump or a crumbling building. How the office look like will be leave a very deep impression of your bankers and other business associates who comes to the registered address to evaluate your corporate documents. office is well renovated and maintained with annual refurbishment. We would like to invite you to come up to evaluate and compare our office, experience the difference.

Does your Company Secretary provide meeting room facilities?

Your Company Secretary's office should not be just a storage area for files and workstations for the staff. It should also contain the right mix of space for the use of your business associates or for public to inspect records. Imagine if your loan approving officer or license approving officer goes to an office and has to spend an hour standing and flipping through records. office has been made available dedicated rooms for the use of your business associates when they choose up for inspection. We also have Call Centre services ready to book the appointments so we have the rooms ready when they arrive. has just opened a 2,000 square feet business centre in Solaris @ Mont Kiara for the exclusive use of clients. In short, you can book a full board room, conference room, Japanese tea room or a relaxed sofa area with LCD screen to hold your meetings with your clients. We hope you close your big deals at the business centre, as your success will have spillover effects on us too! Win-win is what we area striving for .

Please use the criterias and compare against those who advertise very cheaply in The Star Classifieds or other advertising mediums.

Perform a thorough check

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